What did we achieve together?


Verhuisbusgroningen(.nl) is crystal clear in what they offer, you can rent a moving truck with them. In Groningen there were already several businesses offering this service, therefore had to differentiate itself. It was of great importance that the brand would be recognizable and would leave no doubt on what they offer and how you can rent a truck. 



Strategic branding, logo design, verbal identity, webdesign and truck design which does not only gets instantly recognized in Groningen, but looks reliable enough that 10-20% of people visiting their website, rents a truck. 



In the discovery session with the vision of the company was straight forward; renting a truck should be accesible to everyone and be an easy process. This is reflected by their low prices and low deposit, its therefore important that it’s reflected in their branding identity. 


After formulating a clear strategy, we started the development of the brand identity. We chose with to make it as clear as possible, thats by we drew a simplified truck. The combination with the colors of the city its crest formed the base of our visual branding. 

Afterwards we applied the branding and theme into the webdesign. It had to be a simple website, very all the information was easy to find. This led us to the choice for a ‘one-page’ website. In this way customers can easily, on one page find all information. This way you never have to look far for the information you need. 


Page 1

The website of at the moment ranks on the first page of Google, when searching for renting a truck in Gronigen, many times even ranked all the way on top.

10-20% Conversion

After gathering information after several Ad campaigns, the conversion from visitors to paying customers varies between the 10% and 20% for

Strong market position

We’re always happy to see our customers thrive! is doing very well and is expanding its business by adding more trucks to meet the demand.


Pagina 1

De website van rankt momenteel op de eerste pagina van Google, wanneer er gezocht wordt op: ‘verhuis bus (huren) groningen’. Vaak vindt je zelfs bovenaan.

10-20% Conversie

Na de resultaten van verschillende Ad campagnes te hebben bekeken, fluctueert de conversie tussen de 10% en 20%, van het aantal bezoekers tot het aantal betalende klanten.

Sterke marktpositie

We worden er altijd gelukkig van wanneer we zien dat een van onze klanten het goed doet! loopt momenteel zeer goed en blijft zich uitbreiden met meer bussen.